SEO Friendly Way to Copy and Paste Into WordPress


WordPress¬†is so quick and easy to use that some users, without even realizing it, end up taking shortcuts which can end up hurting their search engine rankings! You don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your site by saving a few minutes of your time do you? Watch the video below for the SEO friendly way to copy and paste content from other websites or documents like Microsoft Word into your WordPress.

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Post Written By Norbert Chrzanowski

Hey I'm Norb and this is my blog. Call me a website ninja or a marketing rock star, either way everything I write about is what I know first hand and what I've learned through managing my own businesses.

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  1. Jim Fuller says:

    Nice video Norb!
    Now… I gotta question for you.
    I had heard that Google might ding you some for using duplicate content.
    Do you have any thoughts on this aspect of copywriting?

    • Norb says:

      Thank you! Google will penalize you for duplicate content, but from my experience, at least for now, a low traffic website can get away with it. With that said I still do not recommend it only because it can be really tough to recover once you get penalized. Maybe I should mention the purpose behind the video was for those who need to import content form an old website, or word documents into their new wordpress site. By no means do I encourage copying and pasting other peoples content into your own site ;) Hope that clears it up.

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