Domain Registry Of America SCAM – Don’t Get Fooled!


It’s hard to believe, but year after year, I still get these Domain Registry of America (DROA) letters in the mail regarding some of my domain names. I figured by now someone would have put a stop to this somehow! (Guess not..) So here’s the deal: this company sends out deceptive letters that look like an invoice asking you to renew your domain name. What do you do? Well if you don’t know any better, of course you don’t want to loose your domain name – so you might fall for it!

But wait! The truth is, through deception they just want you to authorize a transfer out of your current registrar into theirs! Not only that, but look at a copy of the letter below, $35 for one year!? Who are you kidding? Most people fall for scams because the price of the item is unbelievably low, but that’s not the case here – the price is more than 3 times what you might expect to pay at most registrars!

Domain Registry of America SCAM Letter

Bottom line is, stay clear of this company. Domain Registry of America is a bottom feeder, sending out these “fake” invoice looking letters only hoping to unfairly make profit by reaching those who are naive enough or simply not knowledgeable enough to realize what this is about. I hate to see people being taken advantage of by big companies like DROA as well as small local web design firms when it comes to domain names.

Companies like Domain Registry of America should not be allowed to continue such practices, but until that happens when you get one of these letters just tear it up and trash it. Make sure you always do a quick search on Google when you get letters such as this one – just to double check.

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