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In today’s video tutorial I’m going to go over how to set your Facebook Page URL. Facebook Pages are a great way for businesses to connect with current and new clients -- essentially its a free marketing tool.

To setup a short URL address directly to your Facebook Page you need to choose a Username. Usernames are unique and on a first come first serve basis -- so don’t wait too long! The only requirement right now is that you need 25 fans, basically 25 people have to LIKE your Facebook page before you can choose a permanent¬† username.¬† Once you pick a username, the link to your page will appear like this: www.facebook.com/USERNAME. Here’s the video:

Few additional tips:

  • Keep the username SHORT
  • Keep it SIMPLE
  • Upper Case The First Letter Of Every Word
  • NO Hyp-hens!
  • Don’t stuff it with keywords for SEO
  • Don’t infringe on trademarks or you’ll lose the username.

Here’s the link to create your facebook username: http://www.facebook.com/username

If you have any questions or comments about this tutorial please post below.

Post Written By Norbert Chrzanowski

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  1. Ron144 says:

    That’s easy enough, any suggestions for getting more fans to like my facebook page?

    • Norb says:

      Make sure you include your facebook page link on your website, as well as any print materials. Also offer an incentive for people to become your fan.

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