The Shoemoney Affiliate Summit West Contest!


They say procrastination is like masturbation – you’re screwing yourself. So I know this is very last minute, but hopefully not too late.

So here’s the deal, I’ve been following Shoemoney’s blog for a while now. I like his style and approach. I think the big part of my keeping up with the blog is that I can relate on certain levels to his story. I went though the shoemoney system and I watched the interview he recorded, you gotta see it – especially now, I think the whole thing is priced at $177! (In the morning there was less than 100 copies left)

He now has a contest where one lucky winner will win an ALL expenses paid trip to the Affiliate Summit AND get to hang out with Shoe! Yup.. the guy with the $132,994.97 AdSense check! It’s going to be one crazy trip!!

It still seems so unreal going from making a couple bucks with AdSense to that huge check. And now, that’s just one small part of everything he’s built around the Shoemoney brand. It’s truly inspiring.

Most of us are quite familiar with Shoemoney’s accomplishments so let’s skip ahead to: Why me?

I think wining this contest would be a SUPER AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Are you kidding me? Affiliate Summit West with Shoemoney!?

I probably couldn’t name all the things I would take away from this and the benefits of attending – It would simply be life changing – and that’s exactly what I need. I’m not a total noob by any means, I’ve made some money with AdSense, and even Amazon, I’ve created some pretty sweet videos and started my most successful website¬†

However everything I’ve done is on a small scale – I’m ready to experience the Affiliate Summit and take my game to the next level! Who doesn’t want a six figure income? I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the new year!


Thanks for reading and I hope to be there at Affiliate Summit West!
-Norb from Charleston, South Carolina

Few more Reasons to WIN and MEET SHOE!

Shoemoney Adsense Check
#1. Who else has a AdSense check for over $130,000???

#2. The Experience, The People, The Event – with Shoe!

#3. For Myself – I want to learn, grow & succeed!

#4. No caption required ;)

#5. Yup he met Mark and worked on the advertising platform/consulting.


#6. Someone has a tattoo of the Shoemoney logo on their arm!

#7. Have you seen the shoemoney girls??

#8. Let’s make it happen for the THIRD TIME!

of couse there’s many more reasons…

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